And these are the days of our lives |

And these are the days of our lives

Dear Editor:

Marolt might think Aspen was better back in the ’70s, but just look at it now (“Finding proof that Aspen really was better in the good old days,” opinion, June 22).

You got a sheriff’s deputy in trouble for a vehicular-hit and-run (allegedly), then reported it after the fact. She wants to settle for $450,000.

You have a Pitkin County jailer on holiday over in Lake Powell getting hammered (allegedly) with a teacher who is allegedly boozing it up, tripping on mushrooms and firing guns illegally.

You have celebrities in cocaine-induced fistfights at local nightclubs. You have dog turds on the docket at the courthouse, and your sheriff must now soon consider changing his name to “Disolve-oh.”

This thing is starting to read like a Johnny Depp movie. Maybe Hunter Thompson was onto something? Shoulda hired him, because then maybe all these antics would be old news by now. Hunter smiles as he rolls into a more comfy position for his eternal slumber.

I call out to our 2012 grads: Don’t let the antics of a few adults lead you to think that this is where it all ends. On the contrary, a whole new set of comics will come into play once all of these issues come to pass. It’s hilarious but a horrible setting of examples to say the least.

One of you kids should write a book. Call it “Aspen Antics.” Start logging now, because the action is rich.

Back in the day not long ago, you had felons jumping out of the courthouse windows and heading for the hills, old West style. You had several characters in town who were completely lawless and unbridled, doing as they pleased – many of whom still live and thrive there today. Bomb threats, bank robbers, several incidents of conspiracy and fraud and heaps of embezzlement. Start there and do some research. Could be good.

More important, don’t forget all of the good things that many people are doing as well. The amount of volunteer work and philanthropy far outweighs the chaos, so be fair. If you run out of things to write about, just be patient, tomorrow’s paper will come soon. Got to love it. You all be careful up there and be nice to one another. There’s no place like it.

With respect and admiration for the humorous. … Enjoy your day.

Mark Campion


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