And the winner is … |

And the winner is …

Stewart Oksenhorn
Greg and Maureen Poschman after the Emmy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, where the camera crew for "Sting: Sacred Love" of which Greg was a member was honored for Creative Arts for Nonfiction Single Program. Photo courtesy Greg Poschman.

With two Emmy Awards – one for best direction, one for sports cinematography – already on his mantel, Aspen native Greg Poschman should have the Emmy routine down.He doesn’t.Poschman was in Los Angeles only incidentally – working on a John Denver DVD – when the Emmy Awards ceremony was held this past Monday. The Aspen-based photographer/videographer wasn’t planning to attend the ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium; he hadn’t even brought a suit. After all, his work on the A&E TV program “Sting: Sacred Love” comprised just two days of shooting the former Police-man in and around Paris in the spring of 2003.But Poschman made the mistake of mentioning the Emmys to his wife.

“Maureen said, ‘If we’re here, we’re going to the Emmys,'” said the 45-year-old Poschman. He dutifully hustled out to Melrose Place and bought a cheap suit. That evening, arriving fashionably though unintentionally late, Poschman and his wife found themselves amidst the glitter and glamour of Hollywood.”It was a big deal,” said Poschman. “I’ve been to Emmys before, but this was prime time and elaborate. They had a red carpet and paparazzi. Bill Macy and Felicity Huffman, from Aspen, were in front of us. Penn and Teller did a stand-up thing. I saw John Cleese, and that’s what did it for me. It was a much bigger thing, there were more movie stars being given awards, than I had imagined. “It was a big friggin’ deal. It had me humbled and panicked.”Poschman’s state of panic lasted well beyond his run down the red carpet. When the camera crew for “Sting: Sacred Love” was announced as the winner in the category of Creative Arts for Nonfiction Single Program – “or something like that,” he said – and he heard his name called, Poschman froze in his chair.

“I didn’t feel comfortable running up to accept it,” he said, adding that only two of the seven- or eight-member team ascended to the stage.Only later did Poschman think he had perhaps missed his moment: “We were having a dinner in a big banquet hall, and I told the main cameraman who accepted the award that I felt funny, because I had only worked for two days. He said, ‘Well, I only worked two days, too.”That’s when Maureen kicked me.”The Emmy statue – of which he is still awaiting delivery – caps an ambivalent experience for Poschman. Poschman was excited about the prospects of filming Sting – in a “secret” studio in suburban Paris and then at a private concert in a small Paris venue. But the brief, in-and-out encounter, he knew, would offer little time for warming up with his subject.

“I realized I had two days to work with him,” said Poschman. “I had heard he was an intense guy, and I thought, how am I going to break the ice? “Sure enough he was intense, and wanted nothing to do with me. [Project producer] Richard Frankel pushed me into the room with him and Sting did his best to ignore me. Nothing worked; the lighting was terrible. I did my two days, but the experience with Sting – it was just asking him to turn this way or that.”The Emmy Awards are scheduled to be televised Sunday evening, Sept. 19 on ABC. Poschman says there is little chance the presentation of the award for Creative Arts for Nonfiction Single Program will make it on the air.Stewart Oksenshorn’s e-mail address is

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