And the Silver Pen Award goes to… |

And the Silver Pen Award goes to…

There were several good letters to chose from in February, but a majori­ty of members of The Aspen Times editorial board chose Carbondale res­ident Scott Tesoro’s letter to the edi­tor, printed Feb. 18, as the best letter of the month.

Some of the comments collected for this letter include, “The finger was wonderful and should be repainted. This letter reminds us of the politically incorrect good old days,” and “The letter aptly summed up what many of us feel United has deserved for years.” Someone else noted that the letter took some thought ( just to recall that barn roof painting) and had “a little more per­sonality in the writing” than other let­ters from the month.

To compete for the Aspen Times Silver Pen Award, simply write us a letter to the editor, and e-mail it to or drop it by our office ” the purple building on Main Street next to the Hotel Jerome. If you win, we’ll send you an Aspen Times silver pen. Here’s a reprinting of February’s winning letter:

Dear Editor:

Upon hearing that United Airlines is finally getting some real competi­tion, I couldn’t help but think of a hand gesture that once graced the roof of a barn in Woody Creek. Unit­ed, for all the years of abuse and price gauging that we had to put up with, this hand’s for you!

Scott Tesoro