And the rich get richer |

And the rich get richer

Dear Editor:

Given that fiat money and a currency based on precious metal can both serve as money proves that what backs a buck is not of main concern. What is of ultimate concern is how many dollars are floating around. This is so because whoever controls the amount of money in a political system, controls the system.

One hundred and eighteen years ago silver flowed, Aspen materialized and quickly prospered. Wealth changed hands from here to San Francisco. The boom was on. Aspen partied as the West took control of America’s monetary system. However, that would never do, pass a law and, overnight, Aspen went from boom to bust.

The battle raged on … the Free Silver Movement, The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy’s slippers were really made of silver, not ruby red, as she followed the yellow brick road), William Jennings Bryant and a cross of gold. For decades Americans fought for control of the amount of money that would flow in her veins. Alas, the battle was lost and war ended when, in 1913, the FED emerged, begot by the cunning of ruthless elites.

Since then, for the past 98 years, our money supply has been controlled by private bankers who create money out of thin air, loan it at an interest rate they themselves determine and who have never been audited. The end result is that our dollar has lost 98 percent of its value, we are desperately in debt and tyranny rears its ugly head.

We were warned. Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, all warned of catastrophe if we allow a central bank to control our currency. Lower the interest rate, pump dollars into the economy, create a bubble and then, when it bursts, as they always do, foreclose.

While China earns a king’s ransom by loaning us mountains of money (gaining the ability to destroy our economy), our central bank gets the lion’s share. Our central bank earns interest on money created by adding zeros to the accounts of other central banks and then you pay the interest due.

That is what you are doing today. Most of the hard earned dollars you voluntarily (another issue entirely) send to the IRS will go into the pockets of the bankers who earn interest on our national debt. It is no coincidence that both the FED and income tax appeared in 1913. The joke is that the United States has the ability to issue currency without the involvement of a Central Bank and has done so, interest free, in the past. Have you ever heard of a Green Back Dollar?

What to do? The most influential person on the national scene who advocates the basic vision outlined above is Ron Paul. His dramatic appearance into our national consciousness is fueled by citizens who are beginning to understand why the rich are getting richer and what misery ensues when the head of the Fed becomes the Secretary of the Treasury.

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village

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