And the crowd goes wild |

And the crowd goes wild

Dear Editor:

Regardless of your political stripes, you’ve got to admit, the major corporate extraction industries pulling the strings under the disguise of the Republican Party have really given us an amazing party trick!

Every time Mitt Romney opens his mouth, all of the Republican candidates down ticket follow up with “extraction industries!” It’s really a fabulous ventriloquist act, even though the sound bites that come out look like old Japanese “Godzilla” movies.

Here’s the choreography, and folks, it is spectacular. Romney’s strings get pulled by the corporate, fossil-fuel plutocrats, and immediately the Republican candidates jump into a chorus line like the NYC Rockettes!

Romney says something about job creation, and his backup squad says, “Extraction industries!” When Romney says, “Economic recovery,” the line does a little kick and says, “Extraction industries!” If Romney says, “Cut government spending and invest our money in … ,” the boys in red do a twirl with arms waving high in the air and say, “Extraction industries.”

My favorite part is the grand finale, where Romney starts preaching about corporations being people, too. Romney yells, “The poor need to work, women need to be home with nannies and children, immigrants need to go back to the country they came from, and we can’t afford to be a welfare state for deviants like the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community because we need to invest in the, … ” and, the music blasts “God Bless America” with American flags waving everywhere, and the Republican candidates, raising their right hands in solidarity, boom out in unison, “Extraction industries.”

The crowd goes wild, chanting, “Extraction! Extraction! Extraction!”

I certainly appreciate a good show. But really, the facts don’t add up with the rhetoric. Quality outdoor-recreation-industry jobs have outpaced extraction-industry jobs three-to-one at a rate of 6.1 million created to 2 million.

Thank you, tree huggers, for giving us an economic ladder to use for climbing out of the extraction-industries pit.

One can’t help but enjoy the Republican spectacle. Until we see the strings being pulled. Then we’re all reminded of the harsh reality of who, and what, has hijacked the government of the people.

Anita Sherman

Glenwood Springs

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