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… and one other thing

Dear Editor:

In my recent letter (Aug. 25) decrying the self serving article in Friday’s edition promoting a photography exhibit by one of the Times’ employees, and at the same time ignoring for many years my serious attempt to bring photographic works of importance and historic value to Aspen, I failed to mention the artist Gyorgy Kepes whose work has been an important staple of my inventory for the 14 years I’ve been here and exhibited several times in solo and group shows.

Kepes, who died in 2001 at 95, was an influential photographer, designer, painter, educator, writer and aesthetic theorist, colleague of the renowned Moholy-Nagy with whom he founded the New Bauhaus in Chicago (which morphed into the Chicago Institute of Design), was also the founder of the Institute For Advanced Visual Studies at MIT (whose work is in the collection of nearly every major museum in the U.S. ” and if it’s not, it will be).

Yet the so called arts editor of The Aspen Times has never written about this important artist’s work being exhibited in Aspen even though I’ve sent announcements for these exhibits. But then again the arts editor probably never heard of him. Maybe it’s time the Times found a qualified arts editor who knows about more than heavy metal. Buyers of Kepes’ experimental camera-less photographs from the gallery have been numerous important museums and photography collectors, including a few locals. How about that!

Joel Soroka