And one more thing … |

And one more thing …

Dear Editor:

Really? The City Council is going to try to find $1.2 million in the budget to make it easier for pedestrians to walk across Main Street? Why would a luxury crosswalk in Aspen include an island “median refuge” in the middle of the street? Better off getting back to basics – hang up the cell phone, look both ways, traffic stops, you move your ass – you don’t even have to give me a friendly wave.  

Street lights, unlike ours, that actually illuminate the street at night, would also enable drivers to see pedestrians. If, instead, the city opts to spend a pile of our money, why not put a couple of elevated crosswalks like the rest of the world has over the street? Pedestrians could cross safely anytime they want and traffic flow wouldn’t be disrupted at all. Here’s another idea: Get the Aspen cops to start giving citations to anybody crossing the street who isn’t in a crosswalk – it would easily generate even more revenue than all our precious parking spaces!

And why doesn’t the Aspen Police Department ever cite the army of bicyclists who are pedaling willy nilly in family pelotons all over town, conveniently and illegally switching their status from bicycle to pedestrian back to bicycle laws without ever dismounting? They should also be citing them for riding through the pedestrian mall or against the one-way traffic on Galena and Cooper streets – somebody is going to be hurt or killed for that stunt sooner or later – and this applies to skateboards too.

If Torre recuses himself over the liquor license debacle for DeGraff, I’ll never vote for him again. Let’s see where your loyalties lie, Torre, just like we get to with the other council members doing your same job.

Even though Rick Magnuson doesn’t have a prayer in his bid for sheriff, I’m tired of hearing him harp about the local exorbitant suicide rate being directly related to Sheriff Braudis’ policies that are happily endorsed by the voting public. Another ski town, Sun Valley, Idaho, has always had a suicide rate three times the national average as well, and it’s practically the police state Rick dreams of – they even shoot homeless people there! Has Magnuson considered the possibility that if his unwanted philosophies and undercover cops deprived responsible adults of drugs and alcohol, the murder rate in Aspen could easily quadruple? And as to his “duh, I’m just trying to enforce the laws already on the books” excuse, he should probably look into other archaic laws still on the books that aren’t enforced due to the predominant status quo – masturbating into a hole in the desert or in a police car might even be among them.

Twenty million dollars for an airport runway extension that they promise to never use. Why not? It’ll look swell below the billions of dollars worth of homes in Aspen that are never inhabited.

Never a dull or intelligent moment, living here in the best of all possible worlds.

David Frank


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