And I feel fine |

And I feel fine

Dear Editor:

The Rev. Camping of the Radio Church Inc. has said that according to Ezekiel 33, judgment day starts this Saturday, May 21. And it will start at 6 p.m., but he doesn’t know what time zone it will start in.

Hopefully it is mountain time. That way I could read my last letter to the editor. Of course if this letter is published by Saturday.

Camping said the Rapture will occur at this time. Meaning all the “good people” will be taken to Heaven and people like me will be left behind. We are going to suffer some horrible punishment until the Earth is like totally destroyed on Oct. 21, 2011. I wonder if Camping has ever read Matthew 24:36?

So if I fail to say good-bye to my very few “good people” friends, I must say I’m sorry. You ladies and gentleman enjoy the Rapture.

I’m staying here and partying on. There must be a really great End of the Earth party somewhere in A$pen.

Harry Temple III

Snowmass Village

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