And another thing … |

And another thing …

Dear editor,

Just some random thoughts:

• I really don’t have a problem with the cigarette smokers here in our town. Hey, smoke ’em if you got ’em, but do you have to throw your disease ridden, disgusting cigarette butts all over town? These grody little pieces of mouth excrement are every where; try using a trash can or an ash tray or a smoker’s pole.

• Why does the purple “Max the Moose” bus (the kids ride to Buttermilk) moo?

• I wonder if former Vice President Al “Weight Watcher” Gore used his private jet to fly in for the Forests at Risk symposium. The master of hypocrisy continues to spout “do as I say not as I do.” Hey, Mr. Nobel Laureate, I understand that Johnny McGuire’s delivers to the airport right to your private jet. I recommend the Bob Marley, hold the plastic bag. Chicken Little never had it so good.

• If we put as much energy into world peace as we have in the debate over plastic and paper bags at retail stores in Aspen, we could all share a Coke and sing the Coke song.

• Kudos to the chair of the Pitkin County Republicans, Frieda Wallison, for her letter to editor congratulating the new chair of the Pitkin County Democratic Party, Blanca O’Leary.

• Check out the sign at the Durant mall warning pooch owners of electrocution from the snowmelt system if they walk their canines across the patio. They also claim they are not responsible if poochy fries. Whoa!

James H. Perry


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