Analyze this – vote for Rankin |

Analyze this – vote for Rankin

Analyze this – vote for Rankin

Dear Editor:

The smartest boss I ever had lives in Aspen. David Dreman taught me to disregard what crowds were saying, they were usually wrong and preferred driving up the cost of tulips. As well, know your facts, read the footnotes, ask CEOs questions and the same ones of their competitors; then compare the answers. David is “The Contrarian,” one of the smartest, toughest men I have met.

The state Senate election is fraught with claims of past success, predictions of future savings in alternative energy costs, inclusive of billions of gallons of water savings. I am forced to listen to the incumbent’s use of smoke and mirrors, of secretive groups calling a straight shooter names relating to “Colorado oil,” predicting job losses and similar nonsense. I grew up watching Dan Rather; he once said “crystal ball gazers eat glass.”

As I “read the footnotes” and either speak to or read water experts in the legal community or natural resource experts at the University of Colorado, where the incumbent was a regent, I can find no corroboration for predictions of water cost savings by the energy bill she advances. Predicting job growth from Vestas, a European wind turbine company that just lowered its revenue projections by 20 percent, is a grandiose delusion.

I have tried and cannot corroborate much of any claim I read by the incumbent, only a whole lot of name calling. I was a research director; I am used to analyzing what has happened in the past from predictions of the future.

If you are dispassionate and tough, and you start to add up all the statements that have no footnotes to support optimistic claims, then The Contrarian might conclude the truth of positive claims ought to be reviewed carefully before you pull the lever in that booth on Nov. 2. They are voluminous.

I wish both candidates luck, they are good people, but I strongly encourage you to vote for Bob Rankin, the least expansive man and politician I have ever met. I do know it’s important to examine facts. That makes it easier to see through smoke and mirrors. These are tough times. Don’t buy into easily espoused assertions. The facts tell us otherwise.

Walter I. Kass


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