Analysis of an action |

Analysis of an action

(This letter was originally addressed to the “We love Aspen” T-shirt people.)Dear Editor:I thought the Monday night meeting with City Council was glorious. The energy and commitment all of you brought to the room was magic for all of us. Now, I do not have to look for another windmill. This is the good news because the one we have is big enough for all of us.The council’s reaction, to say the least, was interesting. It went from “what’s going on?” to very defensive to accusatory to positive. Rachel’s plan to work positively on the Aspen Area Community Plan was a good step. Helen asked for better communication and welcomed our group’s participation. Torre gave out his contact numbers and asked for more input. Johnson’s response was curious. He was angry when we all left.Our exodus, however, was obviously intentional. Our message was, there is a silent majority in Aspen who can’t attend meetings. They work for a living, they raise families, some are older, some just are not able to deal with what is happening, but the common thread is that they care desperately and came to let you know that.I equate this to a national election. You vote for a person who has publicly announced their beliefs. Then you go about your business, knowing that basically you can rely on them to take care of you. Their delicate egos don’t require your going to Washington twice a month to let them know you are out there.So Jack either didn’t get it, or didn’t want it. My gut feeling is I am probably the one that didn’t get it. He has a different agenda, and I respect that. I only wish he would openly say that preservation stinks and unbridled development is the answer. We can then look elsewhere for community support.All in all a great evening. The good judge was absent, but his evident inquiring intellect should serve all of us well. We did learn one thing, that apparently the council directly responds to the number of people who show up at the meetings. I hope that now when they see one of our shirts (“We love Aspen”), they will know it represents the silent majority who are out making this town work.Les Holst Aspen

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