An unsung hero |

An unsung hero

Dear Editor:

Another unheralded ending of the great old Aspen tradition, that of selfless service.

My hat is off to Nancy Oden, who has organized the army of men and women volunteers (102 this summer alone) who over the years have served lemonade and cookies to concert-goers at the Aspen Music Festival. This is Nancy’s last season as the volunteer director of this complex endeavor.

For many winters now I have looked forward to Nancy’s late-winter phone call asking which shifts I can cover. I always see that call as a renewal of friendship and a harbinger of summer music to come.

I read the Music Festival’s acknowledgment of Nancy’s retirement with disbelief. What, not even a potluck dinner? What a shame.

I have seen no article in either newspaper, no acknowledgment of her countless hours of complex work or her magic touch with building crews that go on to build strong bonds of friendship and support among the swarm of worker bees.

There will never be another Nancy in the music or theater world of New Aspen. The show must go on, and I hope the Music Festival finds the perfect person to try and fill some pretty elegant shoes.

Rose Irvine

Snowmass Village

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