An unsung, drug-free hero |

An unsung, drug-free hero

Dear Editor:

Mimi Trombatore, you are so right on (“The untold story,” Letters, Aug. 31, The Aspen Times).

How about an article about Keegan Swirbul, who beat Lance Armstrong in a local bike race? He’s a teenaged, hardworking, local man who was essentially ignored so Lance, the doper, could get more ink! I guess now that he’s “not doping,” he can’t win a race. He’s also not man enough to own up to his doping habits – just quits instead. That is some model for our young talent in Aspen.

Thank you, Mimi, for bringing this ignorant oversight to Aspen’s attention.

Keegan, you go, young man. Keep up the hard work, and thank you for being so humble about your outstanding victory. I look forward to reading about your continued success.

Etna Tauscher


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