An unsatisfied customer

Dear Editor:

I have purchased a ticket on United to fly from Aspen to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in late November connecting through Denver and Houston.

I receive an e-mail that my itinerary has now been changed and I’m connecting through Newark, N.J. Unhappy with this change, I contact United to find out why. Four calls and each agent tells me something completely different. Finally I go back on and create a new itinerary that connects me through Houston after being told several times that what I just accomplished was impossible.

I was even told that there are no more United flights from Denver to Houston. I call a seventh time and this time tell the agent the series of flights I want. Voila! I’m ticketed through Houston, and my new itinerary is $113 less than what I originally paid. Of course I want a credit and I’m told to request it online.

This morning I heard back. Denied! I call and get a supervisor. They’ll gladly refund my $113 but it will cost me $150 to get the refund. Nonnegotiable! What a way to do business! What a way to keep a longtime client happy! I’m writing to the president of the company. Stay tuned.

Joel Soroka