An unhealthy relationship |

An unhealthy relationship

Dear Editor:I would have folks consider the effects of the Bush family ownership in Exxon Mobil. Since H.W. Bush’s acquisition into Standard Oil (now Exxon Mobil) in 1980 the relationship appears to be guiding official policy.When Exxon took possession of the Kazakhstan oil fields after foreclosure of the Soviet Union by the IMF, Exxon had a rich resource with no easy access to growing markets. Thanks to intensive U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, Exxon recently announced a new oil pipeline to China. With the military control of Iraq, Exxon ownership by Bush places its hand firmly on the valve controlling a quarter of the world’s oil supplies. Interestingly Standard Oil and BP were both bought out when Saddam nationalized Iraqi oil resources.Exxon has invested millions debunking climatologists to cloud the effects of exhaust emissions on global climate change. The Bush administration has led the way in resisting positive changes that would reduce oil emissions or consumption. Exxon Mobil has yet to pay fines levied against it to reimburse cleanup costs from the wreck of the Exxon Valdez and despite record profits and making more money than any company in corporate history for the second year in a row, Exxon continues litigating to have those fines reduced.I’m sure the cadre of 1,500 conservative talk show hosts would find nothing wrong with this relationship, but I am aghast at the costs to human life and environmental degradation this relationship enables. Thank you for your gracious consideration,John HoffmannCarbondale