An unfounded attack |

An unfounded attack

Dear Editor:

Regarding Michael Cleverly’s letter printed in the Aspen Daily News on Feb. 14, 2012, I thought I might clear up a couple of his questions:

Cleverly asked, “how long has this guy been in the valley that he gets to tell us how to run our business?”

To answer your question, Mr. Cleverly, I have been a valley resident for about 16 years, paying taxes on multiple properties, supporting numerous local organizations and engaging the services of more than 60 local businesses, craftsmen and professionals over this time.

As to your suggestion that the conduct of local government is “our business,” I guess my question back to you is: Who is the “our” in “our business?” Are you suggesting that some residents are not entitled to a voice in the business of local government?

With respect to my brother Rick’s bid for Pitkin County sheriff last year, how is it that running for public office constitutes “arrogance?” He was perfectly qualified for the job, he ran a respectful campaign on the issues and conducted himself with integrity and civility throughout.

Last, you are not the first to suggest that my columns in The Aspen Times have, in some fashion, been attacks on Mayor Ireland. To be clear, I have never insulted the mayor and never questioned his sincerity or his character. More often than not, I disagree with the mayor and his policy choices.

But I have not, and will not, engage in the kinds of personal insults that you obviously think help support your arguments. It has been my experience that when people substitute name-calling for intelligent discourse it says more about them and the merits of their arguments than it does about the people they are attempting to disparage.

Charlie Leonard



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