An uncharming Aspen |

An uncharming Aspen

Dear Editor:

Maybe it’s the economy, but it seems that Aspen is turning into an abrasive, angry city and not the peaceful small town I’ve always known it to be.

Maybe it’s the cold and shorter days because this summer people were very neighborly, but now I get honked at for crossing an icy street too slowly, cut off on Main Street and hung up on by the post office. Who ever heard of a postman hanging up on you because he didn’t want to explain why he lost your package again!

Landlords don’t return security deposits, people don’t pick up after their dogs … what are we turning into if we continue to turn a blind eye to these developments? We need to remember why we live here and bring back community spirit … and tell the postman to be polite, particularly to people with challenges.

Renee Grossman


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