An opportunity in Senate District 8 |

An opportunity in Senate District 8

Dear Editor:

Colorado is in the spotlight this election. And one candidate I encourage you to meet and support is Ken Brenner, a Democrat running for the Colorado Senate seat in our neighboring District 8.

A third generation native of Routt County, Ken is an open, well-educated and authentic leader for the West Slope and Colorado. He has dedicated his life to preserving the quality of life and environment in the Routt County, and in Steamboat Springs.

He has been an advocate of a comprehensive affordable housing program and improved access to and the quality of early-childhood education. And significantly, he is very knowledgeable about issues critical to the future of Colorado ” land conservation, responsible energy development and water.

Ken’s opponent is not strong in these critical areas, but he has a strong political machine behind him. We need Ken Brenner in the Colorado Legislature. Check him out at Even better, lend this neighbor a hand!

Chelsea Congdon Brundige


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