An open plea to art museum |

An open plea to art museum

Dear Editor:There’s no shame in changing your mind. In fact, some of the greatest leaders of our time knew when to fold, and the idea of eliminating the Valley Kids Art Show at the Aspen Art Museum is simply a bad idea.We understand that there’s fresh blood at the museum, and we welcome new ideas and innovative thinkers. But again, as great leaders know, one must incorporate new ideas with established programs that work. And the Valley Kids Art Show is a 25-year proven success. What other show at the museum has been more successful?Ms. Jacobson, do you realize how much the Valley Kids Art Show enhances the community’s desire to go out and see art, and to visit the museum, perhaps for the first time? Once you get them in the door, perhaps they’ll keep coming back.Last year’s show was a stunner. Many of us were impressed with the visual beauty of the layout of the show. A visiting art professor from the University of Colorado commented that some of the younger children’s art is better than what he sees from his college students.The children themselves learn from the experience. They learn that their art is something to be valued. Many of our children have been in previous shows and have been inspired to do more and better artwork. Some of our children say they want to be artists themselves. What better education and inspiration is there than to have your work displayed in the Aspen Art Museum?If you defensively stick to your guns and ignore all the letters written to the editor and all the disappointed teachers and City Council members, you’re simply being stubborn and will garner no support for future projects.Please, Ms. Jacobson, rethink your position on the Valley Kids Art Show. It brings in the crowds like no other art show at the museum. It brings the community together, and it fosters community support for the museum. It shows the Aspen Art Museum belongs to the community. It inspires budding artists, many of whom look forward to the annual show. It educates the entire community, young and old, about art.And isn’t that a museum’s goal, after all? To expose art to the masses so that art with thrive?If you eliminate the Valley Kids Art Show, you will have cut off a large section of community art lovers. Do you really want to do that?Carl and Annie UyeharaEmily Jurick MoranTom and Merle O’BrienCrystal McNameeRebecca SwirbulAspen and Carbondale

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