An open apology |

An open apology

Dear Editor:I have done embarrassing and humiliating things to the victims, my partner, my son and friends in this community. I want to address everyone that has been affected due to what I did. I couldn’t do this earlier because of legal matters; I was unable to make this public. I can now openly express my deepest apology to those that got involved with my legal matters.On or about December 2004 and February 2005 I worked for the Aspen Valley Hospital billing department in Carbondale, and during that time I used some of the clients’ credit card numbers to make personal purchases for my son and myself. Companies that were affected were Wal-Mart online. Target online, and J.C. Penney; and if there any others I might have forgotten at this time, please know you are included in this letter. I want to mention all the victims whose credit cards I had stolen, but I feel it’s better not to since they all have been through enough ordeal. You all know who you are; this letter is for you.I am so sorry for causing you so much endless time to resolve your credit card problems because of me. When my partner, my son and I came into this community I didn’t think it would’ve turned out this way. Our plan was to come into this community and settle in as a family.Since coming into this situation and reading my legal matters in the papers I was so ashamed, embarrassed of what I did. Please understand that what I did was not done out of greed, it’s a mental illness of having a compulsive behavior like one would compare to doing drugs and alcohol. Although this type of addiction is new to this community it’s a serious disease and I am in no way trying to get out of what I did by making excuses. What I did was my fault and I should’ve been in more control of this illness. I will not say I’ve never done anything about it because I have in California.Along with my therapist I try to find out where my problem started and several medications for compulsive behavior didn’t work. Since being in this situation and talking to Dr. Fishbein in Aspen, I was able to be put on the correct medication and with ongoing therapy I will be able to live a normal life.Please accept my deepest apology from within my heart, and thank you to the following people for supporting me: my partner of four years, my son, my family and friends that truly knew me for such a short time. And to my public defender Greg Greer, we came a long way in 2005, and thank you for putting up with me. To the entire staff of the Pitkin County Jail for the support and care you’ve shown me from August 2005 to present time, and finally to Dr. Fishbein – I wouldn’t have known what I know about my mental illness and putting me on the right path to a better me and because of you I am reborn and see a good future. Thank you.Jesus Andre LozanoBasalt

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