An ode to the conductor |

An ode to the conductor

To: Editor

From: Hattie Cleveland, president of the Aspen Choral Society

Re: Ray Adams

Prompted by the 30th Messiah performances this weekend, the choirs, musicians and patrons, in gratitude to Ray Adams, send you and wish to have timely printed, this limerick penned by the Aspen Choral Society president.

Ode to Ray after 30 years OR “How did this happen?”

What’s with this conductor named Ray?

Who still writes music all day.

Of a sudden this year,

He knew it was clear

That the years had piled up in some way.

It is just as the leaves disappear

That his mind turns to choir with cheer

As the letters went out,

He started to shout

Is this really my 30th year?

He looked at himself with dismay

Conductor-hair on his head was now gray!

There’s some sagging and wrinkle

By blue eyes that still twinkle,

But no way to keep aging at bay.

Somehow at some time he was thin

With long hair and that beard on his chin

A ponytail flying,

An earring supplying

That hippie so happy within!

He looked forward to seeing his singers,

Smiled at putting them through his own wringers,

Hear the inevitable call

Of “Where are we?” from all

Of the chorus that followed his fingers.

It’s the tenors that give a hard time,

Though mostly it’s really quite fine,

But there are a few

Who won’t get that cue,

And the whole sing could turn on a dime.

After 30 he’s surely is master

of the musical parts, and our laughter,

The better we sounded,

The more that he pounded

Though the “Messiah” need not go much faster.

Now let’s think this over once more,

How did all those years hit the floor?

But this is the thing,

(And it has a nice ring):

Thirty years at this. Now what’s in store?

This is not the end of his story

Of Ray and his kingdom of “glawry”

Be gone days of yore;

Can we stand 30 more?

Yes! We’ll sing ’til our choruses bore ye.

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