Robbie: An ode to Pure Barre Aspen |

Robbie: An ode to Pure Barre Aspen

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times

I love to hit the Barre before, after or sometimes even during the workday.

Probably not the type of bar you are envisioning — though I appreciate where your mind is at — but in general, I reserve my early-morning and midday bar visits to Pure Barre Aspen.

As a disclaimer, this is not #sponsored and no one is paying me to write it (aside from my editor, of course). I simply love the class, and our too-cold-to-run, too-wet-to-hike but less-than-perfect ski conditions as of late means I am doubling down on my time at the Barre, only to realize this more than ever.

To start, I enjoy how misleading the class is to any onlooker: minimal movements, tiny ranges of motion and extremely low (2- to 5-pound) weights, or no weight at all.

But let me tell you, those minor motions make your muscles burn like hell, which brings me to my next favorite part about Pure Barre.

As an athlete growing up (soccer, middle-distance track, ski racing, etc.), I would say that Pure Barre ranks with some of the more physically demanding workouts I’ve endured.

Pure Barre’s motto is “lift, tone, burn,” alluding to the fact that muscles are supposed to shake. While this produces an entirely different type of pain than panting for air mid-suicides across the field or nauseous at the last 100 of a 400-meter sprint, nonetheless, it still hurts.

And like with any sport, Pure Barre is as challenging as one wants to make it.

Lastly, I appreciate the sheer convenience of Pure Barre. A smaller range of motion means less sweat than with most workouts, and while I don’t mind a good sweat every now and then, I enjoy squeezing in a workout here and there more. Not to mention, the studio is located right in town.

While I can’t say the same about my dollars dished at other bars in Aspen, unfortunately, my money spent at Pure Barre is worth every penny.

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