An ode to Denver fans |

An ode to Denver fans

Dear Editor: I think this poem sums up the feelings of many of John Denver’s fans who have become disenchanted with the circus that the Aspen in October celebration has become. It’s come the time of year againWhen fanatics head to AspenTo set their sights on starry nightsAnd all the fun they’re havin’.To use up precious fossil fuelsThese fans are more than willingThey’ll drive a thousand miles from homeTo protest ANWR drilling.They come together as a cliqueSome driving and some flyingThey can’t be bothered with the sickOr those who may be dying.To be this year’s John Denver-estYes, John would want it soTo see and be seen is their questAnd the reason why they goTheir hero cared for those oppressedSo they’ll raise a glass to JohnTheir main concern is how they’re dressed”Forget the homeless – Party ON!””How sad,” they’ll say, “that some are coldWithout the food they need” “But we have concerts to attendAnd our new poems to read.”Of Aspen they’ll pretend they’re partAt parting tears will flowThen back to working at Wal-MartFar from the Aspenglow.Katherine FenterOgden, Utah

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