An odd, but effective shoe for the offseason |

An odd, but effective shoe for the offseason

For years I’ve been trying to find a solid offseason shoe ” one that I can slip on after skiing, golfing, rafting and perhaps wear on a light hike up Independence Pass or Smuggler.

I found it in the latest model of Kuru Footwear, a Salt Lake City-based company that has several different types of shoes that are designed to be durable enough for the trail but aesthetically appropriate for town.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been wearing the Chicane shoe, the color of which the company calls “burnt sienna.” It’s basically orange and it has gotten a lot of people’s attention. I’ve never had so many people looking at and commenting on my feet.

The Chicane looks like a climbing shoe but functions like a light-duty hiking boot.

But beyond its bright existence, the underlying concept of the Kuru shoe is its midsole chassis technology. The company touts its technology as the most ergonomic and anatomically correct active midsole available.

Traditional footwear has a flat footbed that flattens the fatty tissue, damaging the pad with every step. Kuru’s patent-pending KuruSole technology keeps the fatty tissue where nature intended ” underneath the heel bone. The shoe has a deep heel cup that improves the natural cushioning of the foot, according to Kuru’s website.

When I took my first few outings in them, I wasn’t sure about the fit because my heel slipped quit a bit. But then as the shoes wore in, they became one of the most comfortable things I’ve had on my feet in quite a while.

It’s marketed as a “light-duty trail shoe.” But I’ve found them to be good in the mud, the snow and jumping puddles around town.

The Chicane has a somewhat odd and unique lacing system. The asymmetrical pattern is meant to mimic the path of your instep. I haven’t felt the difference yet but I guess I’ll let my feet be the judge in the many steps to come.

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