An MLK Day history lesson |

An MLK Day history lesson

Dear Editor:After Aspen Times reporter Charlie Agar telephone interviewed me about the federal government holiday called Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I have decided to take a special tack, as a good sailor would do to catch the wind in his sail.”Martin Luther King Jr. Day” reflects the “American Black Man’s Struggle in America,” which as a mass “American Black” movement, had large segments which were inclusive of whites, browns, yellows and reds in the agenda on freedom, equality, brotherhood, etc. in America.(When one reads books and newspapers by “American Blacks,” one see the capitalized words I write. The white press diminishes “American Blacks'” capitalizations out of ignorance and arrogance.)White women, browns, yellows and reds rarely in their struggles are inclusive of American Blacks. Their agendas are exclusively for themselves.As the American Black Man fought for human rights and civil rights in America, the slick white supremacists opened the door for white women and others to gain better jobs and opportunities in America in order to diminish wider gains by American Black Men.In 1968 President Lyndon Baines Johnson pushed through the Fair Housing Rights Act which allowed the likes of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Goldberg into white neighborhoods he couldn’t live in before. Also this let Italians, Chinese, Japanese, Chicanos, Poles and others live in area where they had been denied in prior years.In 1965 President Johnson changed U.S. immigration policy which let many more people of color in America than the old policy that was basically a whites-only immigration policy.The 1965 Voting Rights Act let millions of white Americans vote in the South and even in New Hampshire. These millions of white Americans could not vote because of literacy tests, poll taxes and complicated voter registration procedures erected to prevent them going to the ballot boxes.In the 1880s with the onset of Jim Crow Laws and the democratization in the former Confederate States, white supremacists championed giving white women the vote to keep the American Black Man down. Go to Mississippi and learn for yourself if you are dumb on the subject.The changes experienced in America let Aspenites and friends mix that would never happen under the old regime rules in America.Happy Holiday folks!Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen


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