An irresponsible action |

An irresponsible action

Dear Editor:

I recently wrote a letter to your newspaper and have been checking daily to see if it has been published; however, it has not. Apparently outside opinions are about as welcome as Jimmy Baldwin. I was glad to read Andrew Kole had the common sense to see how wrong the homeless shelter was to ship Jimmy Baldwin off to North Dakota. This can only be seen as an attempt to solve your problem and not to help Jimmy at all with his issues.

To give an update on how well Jimmy Baldwin is doing in North Dakota, well, he has already been arrested here. I don’t believe he was in North Dakota for 24 hours before being arrested; however, I am sure the people who orchestrated him being sent here were well aware that would happen. Again, sending what you perceive as problems to another place for them to deal with is absolutely irresponsible. Is this going to be your community’s leader’s answer for everything?

I would hope not, or the states around your community and their residents had better be prepared to deal with everything and everyone you don’t like.

Sarah Wallace

Killdeer, N.D.

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