An invitation/promotion |

An invitation/promotion

Dear Editor:

I recently returned to GrassRoots TV-12, at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and midnight on Friday and Saturday, primarily to provide a forum to allow individuals who might feel they are being picked on unfairly in my new web magazine,, to come on TV and make their case.

After reading the opinion piece by Gary Hubbell titled, “No one but yourself to blame if your dog is shot,” (Jan. 13) in the Aspen Times Weekly (the story referred to the dog, Cain, murdered in Missouri Height on New Years Eve), I have found another reason to go back on the air.

Specifically to combat the stupidity at worst, or lack of sensitivity at best, of people like Hubbell ” please, come on the air with me and try and justify your column. I beg you. And if the guy that shot Cain feels he was justified, and has the guts, come along.

Mr. Hubbell, I ask you, why did you think you needed to write this piece of garbage? Do you think the family who owned the dog that was killed doesn’t feel bad enough? And Aspen Times, why did you think this was appropriate? Freedom of speech rhetoric doesn’t work here.

Personally, I just can’t see any reason to shoot a dog. Maybe a redneck or an editor, but certainly not a dog. It’s not as if the dog’s owners were warned that their pet was disrupting the solitude of a herd of cows, because they weren’t. Now, I have nothing against cows, and I am sure these cows are fabulous animals, waiting patiently to become steaks, but give me a break.

A number of years ago, another defender of your cause put 11 bullets into a golden retriever who was chasing ducks. You should be embarrassed, and immediately call the owners of the dog and apologize.

But, if you stand by your column, then consider this an invitation to meet me at GrassRoots TV on Jan. 22 at high noon and debate the merits of your argument on my show. I’ll bring a dog with me, and you can bring a cow ” but no guns.

Andrew Kole


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