An invasion of privacy |

An invasion of privacy

To: Members of City Council

From: Chip Freeman, Aspen

Re: Ordinance No. 48

I have read, with dismay, the Second Reading Amendments dated Nov. 26 to Ordinance No. 48 with particular attention to item E.7 found on page 3 of 12.

To ask a private citizen to submit confidential personal financial information to a public political body is a greater invasion of privacy than involuntary designation of property. There is no indication of how many people will have access to this information and what dissemination will be made to other parties.

Five years of income tax returns is overreaching to say the least and five years of personal financial statements up front is unheard of in the annals of banking or any other form of lending.

Please be advised that, under no circumstances will I submit my confidential personal financial information to the City of Aspen or any employee thereof.

I do have an alternative suggestion and will be glad to discuss it with any of you who so desire.

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