An insulting edict |

An insulting edict

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to the Aspen Village Homeowners Association.)Back when the Tammany Hall elements of local government had the area newspapers in their pocket and were constantly feeding the public a steady stream of misinformation about Aspen Village (right before the elections), I was commissioned by the AV activists to distribute information sheets put together by our attorney to inform Smuggler of our situation and to “solicit” votes on our behalf. A local big-shot politician who lived at Smuggler, I learned, was “pissed off” at me for doing so. Is it possible they, also, had a “no soliciting” rule and I was breaking it – or was there more? Had I known, I would have handed the sheets out anyway, because Aspen views the world as flat, with everything beyond its city limits of no importance or consequence to them, even though we are all in Pitkin County and their votes can make a difference to us.I learned today, when handing out fliers supporting the RFTA issue, that “soliciting” is against the rules in Aspen Village and that Saturday, Jack Hatfield was chased away because of it. If we are so tight-assed about enforcing this edict, then I assume I can save some money on Halloween candy this year because the children will not be allowed to “solicit” treats.We need Aspen votes and it’s bad politics to alienate potential county officials by depriving them of “freedom of speech” around election times. Personally, I disagree with this insulting edict. We aren’t a gated community … yet.Pat MilliganAspen Village

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