An inspirational yoga event |

An inspirational yoga event

Dear Editor:

The Shakti Foundation and The Aspen Yoga Society would like to thank the community of the Roaring Fork Valley for coming together with such grace and enthusiasm in support of the First Annual Yoga in Action Day on Aug. 20 in Paepcke Park.

We are so proud to be a part of this yoga community uniting to make a positive difference in the world. With special thanks to all of the teachers of The Aspen Yoga Society for helping to spread the word and participate, to Aaron King and Evan Soroka of King Yoga for leading the beautiful heart-opening, inspiring class and Cameron Williams of Jes Crew for the elegant, uplifting music, to Kate Giampapa, Amanda Dykann and Bel and Emily Carpenter for leading a Synergy Circle, to our native American friend Gracie who made a beautiful blessing and song to Mother Earth, and to our AREDAY representative Leilani Munter, the Carbon Free Girl Hippy Chick Race Car Driver for bringing environmental awareness into NASCAR and beyond.

We would also like to thank the beautiful, brave and resilient Cambodian kids/young adults on their first trip to America for openly sharing their stories and triumphs as well as a very, very special thank you to Scott Neeson, the founder of the Cambodian Children’s Fund for showing that one person can change the world and for being a living example of human potential, passion and persistence! We are SO inspired by all of you! And, mostly, we want to thank this great and growing Roaring Fork Valley Yoga Community for showing up to “Be The Change.” We will be hosting many more Yoga in Action events, please join us for a “Yoga in Action” workshop Sept. 18 at King Yoga. More info at

We would also like to thank the amazing staff at ACES for helping to coordinate Sunday’s Connect to Cambodia event at Hallam Lake as well as the great folks at Aspen Skiing Co., including the amazing Tracy Duhe and Sundeck, for their generosity and hospitality.

For less than one dinner out in Aspen per month you can sponsor a child and make a world of difference. Learn more at

As a yoga community we are collectively sponsoring a child together. If you would like to do more, contact or Muffy @

Find out more about Yoga in Action and our inspiration at

Gina Murdock, The Aspen Yoga Society

Muffy, Megan and Andy DiSabatino,

The Shakti Foundation, Aspen

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