An inconvenient excuse |

An inconvenient excuse

Dear Editor:So Basalt Town Hall wants to go back to the bottle (“Strange twist in water bottle debate,” June 26)! The fact that anyone in this valley drinks overpriced, overrated quality, landfill-contributing bottled water makes me laugh and vomit at the same time. But for a town government to pay the excess costs for the bottle and contribute to the “carbon footprint” created in production, distribution, and disposal of the bottle is poor government. And the best excuse they can give me is “Town Hall has a small water heater, so there was uncertainty that the pitchers were getting clean in the dishwasher,” said Town Manager Bill Efting.Bill, here is an idea for you. Replace the “small” water heater with a new Energy Star more efficient water heater.Water heater … $200.Plumber to install new water heater … $200.Money and landfill saved with paper cups and clean pitchers … PRICELESS!I have no children and do not intend to have any; so it is your children that will reap what you sow, or pay for what you do not sow. Make more good and intelligent decisions, and fewer lame excuses.Oh, and Bill: Don’t forget to vote Norm for president. Because poor decisions and weak excuses won’t fly in the new era of America, when the people return to power and not corporate corruption that grips us all now.Norm, aka John NormanCarbondale

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The town of Basalt is working on an update to its 2007 master plan. The document will be a blueprint for how and where the town will grow. But the family that has owned a 180-acre ranch at the edge of town for nearly 60 years objected Tuesday to the document’s parameters for its property.

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