An immigration mess, courtesy of McCain |

An immigration mess, courtesy of McCain

Dear Editor: So the notoriously foul-mouthed, wife-cheater Sen. Johnny McCain has been the object of death threats (“McCain: no compromise,” Aug. 16). That’s not fun, but if McCain – the very same who has never, ever, openly debated anyone creditable on his nation-destroying, undemocratically perped U.S. Senate immigration bill that failed – can’t take the heat, he ought to get out of the immigration business. Death threats, the senator should know, come with the immigration territory.McCain should also know that here in the Roaring Fork Valley you can actually have five bullets from an M-1 headed your way if you dare to passively thumb you nose (or wear a Border Patrol cap) in opposition to allowing foreign criminals to entrench themselves here. In fact, The Aspen Times will editorialize against you as being provocative, and it will write that attempted murder is a “foolish” thing to do. There oughta to be a law.As the media liaison for the Minute Man Project in Tombstone, Ariz., in May of 2005, along with my past several years as co-director of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, I have seen hundreds of e-mailed death threats, and I have listened to a number of telephoned-in death threats. My favorite e-mail read: “We’re going the kill you and all you family, you white ass gringo (… expletives deleted.)” Early on in receiving those e-mails I would thank the e-mailers for their “valuable feedback,” after which I would diacritically correct the spelling, grammar and punctuation of the senders and press “reply.” Unfortunately, I was wasting my time helping my cryptic critics with what were almost always pathetically poorly written threats, because almost all the e-mails bounced back to me from nonexistent Hotmail address. Bummer!If it weren’t for the actions, inactions and malfeasance of Sen. McCain and his fellow career politicians (such as that other wife cheater, drunken slob and killer of Mary Jo Kopechne: Ted Kennedy), we wouldn’t be in the immigration mess we are. Of course we are talking about John McCain, whom you might remember as one of the infamous Keeting Five who behind closed doors ran political interference for the savings and loan megacriminal Charles Keeting who ripped off investors for hundreds of millions of dollars while taxpayers got stuck for $2.6 billion in the largest financial crime of the 20th century.There oughta be another law. Mike McGarryAspen