An honest mistake |

An honest mistake

Dear Editor:

I wanted to a write a letter and send a sincere apology for a mistake I happened to make in my favorite backyard. About a week ago, while I was on the Midnight Mine Road of Aspen Mountain, I took a snowmobile for a ride to the top to eat lunch with my girlfriend.

At the moment, I believed it was the snowmobile owned by a friend of mine, but I was soon to find out it was shared by two local gentleman I did not know. They were both mellow with my unintended mistake, but I could still see the frustration in their eyes.

Over the years I have had my own snowmobile on the backside of the mountain to access and play in our amazing terrain. Various times I have had my oil, my gas tanks, my bungee cords and a few times had my sled taken without my knowledge.

For us who have lived in this community more than 35 years, we have watched many changes happen to our local area, slowly watching the reason that many of us lived here fall away and the city move closer.

Where there used to be no gates, there are now “no trespassing” signs; the families that lived here and never locked their car or house doors started to have to in order to keep things from getting stolen. This has jaded my own eyes to see a side of Aspen that no one ever wanted to see, especially the ones who remember the difference.

I could feel their frustration having to watch their beloved community change in front of their eyes in a negative way, and I didn’t want to be any part of that problem.

So I write this letter to deeply apologize for my mistake and hope that these gentlemen, if they never accept my apology, at least know that I tried.

Sorry, boys!

Robert Warren


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