An extreme travel mug for coffee-lovers |

An extreme travel mug for coffee-lovers

Marta Darby

Coffee. A morning without its caffeine-induced high? Unimaginable.Every morning, I adhere to the same routine.• Fill up kettle (fresh water only).• Turn stove to “Hi.”

• Grind beans (2 heaping tablespoons espresso beans no exceptions) for 15 seconds, then one long pulse followed by one short pulse.• Spoon into French press.• Add boiling water. Stir.• Wait 15 minutes (the hardest part).• Plunge and pour…But, pour it into what?

The vessel is as important as the brew itself. Certain criteria must be met:• Stainless-steel interior, never plastic. Plastic imparts an awful aftertaste, ruining even the best brew.• One-and-a-half-hour’s heat retention. Cold coffee is not an option. • 16-ounce capacity. One cup definitely is not enough. A cup and a half? You’re getting there. Two cups? Perfect. A mug much bigger than 16 ounces is unwieldy. Coffee should never be a burden.If a coffee mug doesn’t meet these minimum standards, don’t even bother. Here are some additional perks to look for:• Leakproof. No spills and better heat retention – a dream come true.

• Carabiner clip. Slap the mug on your bag and enjoy hands-free coffee transport.• Fits into a car’s drink holster – a road-trip essential.So, what to pour the coffee into? The Contigo Extreme Travel Mug.I never start a day without this trusted companion. My only complaint is in order to savor the final sip of coffee, I must remove the top because my nose impedes the necessary tilt angle when drinking with the lid on.The extreme travel mug meets all of the above criteria: stainless-steel interior, keeps brew hot, 16 ounces, leakproof (turn it upside down and shake – not one drop escapes), clippable and road-trip ready. It also scores points for sliding easily into a bike’s water-bottle holder – perfect for the morning commute.The Contigo is a coffee junkie’s dream.


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