An exhibition of ignorance |

An exhibition of ignorance

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Jolene Varley for her succinct letter on Sept. 2 exposing the ignorance of Mr. C. H. of Aspen in claiming that Glenn Beck was promoting hate and a racism at his Aug. 28 rally. She cleaned C. H.’s clock! I don’t want to embarrass him by using his name; hopefully he will write again, he is so apt to again embarrass himself.

Jolene Varley also expertly landed another Bonehead bottom-feeding Bushdidit near Rifle, Mr. K. T., who also claims Glenn Beck is a racist and that his Aug. 28 rally was not “for the people” but for himself! Good job, Ms. Varley. Mr. K. T. displayed as much ignorance, embarrassed and exposed himself as much as Mr. C. H. of Aspen.

I’m hoping that all who think Glenn Beck is a racist and a hater, or that Obama and his administration are the answer to America’s problems, will speak up and expose themselves. Please … please, puff up your chest, get up on your soapbox, write your letters to the papers and include your name and city so that family and friends can be proud of your brilliance and intellect.

And, more importantly, so that everyone understands your values and where you stand as an American!

Art Hougland

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