An evacuee admires the Limelight |

An evacuee admires the Limelight

Dear Editor:

In the late afternoon of Dec. 31 I received a recorded message that I was to evacuate the condo I live in on South Aspen street. The evacuation was mandatory and no explanation was offered. I thought that it might be a joke of some kind so I phoned 911. They assured me that it was not a joke and had something to do with a bank. What, exactly, was not explained.

I decided that I would “evacuate” to the Limelight Lodge ” a block away. The lobby was full and people seemed to be having a good time. I asked at the desk and was told that the Limelight was told not to evacuate. Since I am a block away I did not see that this made a lot of sense.

In any event they said that I was welcome to have coffee and cookies, which I did. I like the new lobby and hope to go back with or without an evacuation.

Jeremy Bernstein


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