An erosion of trust |

An erosion of trust

Dear Editor:

Regarding your article “Carbondale school cop accused of racial profiling; advocacy group wants him gone,” it’s my understanding that all schools are required by law to be safe havens for all students, regardless of immigration status.

Our schools need to take responsibility for whom they invite to be a school resource officer. The facts remains this SRO has worked with ICE on home raids in our valley and even if he never works with them again, he has eroded the trust of Latino students and families and should no longer be an SRO.

It’s been stated that there is no “proof” of the events that have led to this situation, but these 28 statements should be proof enough, and need to be taken seriously and not just brushed off as being written by lawbreakers who have a problem with Officer Agon for doing his job. That’s just ridiculous.

I can’t help but think about a different scenario where a couple of dozen white students/families make written statements of complaints about an SRO – would their statements have been brushed off so readily by school principals, the police chief and the school superintendent? I don’t think so.

Sara Samuels


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