An enlightening trip |

An enlightening trip

Dear Editor:

I would like to sincerely thank the community donors who helped contribute to my Experiential Education this year. It was amazing to be able to go to Los Angeles for the first time and experience the film industry in Hollywood.

Never did I imagine that I would get to tour the actual set of “CSI Miami,” one of my all time favorite shows, as well as watch “Avatar” in 3D in James Cameron’s personal movie theatre. I was able to participate in such a wonderful trip because of generous contributions. I am grateful that I was able end such a great program at Aspen High with this excursion to California.

One of the best parts of my Ex Ed was experiencing city life. Being from the small town of Aspen, there haven’t been many opportunities for me to tour such populated areas. Throughout the week we stayed at a hostel in Santa Monica, which was quite an eye-opening experience. There were so many people from around the world, and it was really cool to hear their stories and where they planned to travel to next. It was very different from staying in a hotel, where guests usually keep to themselves instead of conversing in the common rooms.

The activities that we participated in were also a great experience. I have always watched films, but I have never really thought about how much work goes into one movie or show alone. On the set of “CSI Miami” we learned that there could be up to 1,200 edits in just one episode! I was appalled by all the work that went into each season, including the amount of sets made and the special effects aspects. I also found out that “Avatar” is not only animated, but the crew actually filmed the actors and put their genuine emotions into each character throughout the entire movie.

Once again I would like to thank everyone for contributing to my Experiential Education trip. I will never forget the friends I made and the places I was able to experience because of it. These trips are truly amazing and life-changing, and I am appreciative that there are contributors to help support and fund them. All of my trips have been amazing, and I will always remember them as one of the best parts of my time at Aspen High School.

Haley Rinaldi


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