An endorsement for wellness |

An endorsement for wellness

Dear Editor:

When one experiences firsthand the energy and enthusiasm of the Aspen Club staff, and observes the extent of the Club’s commitment to individual and community wellness, its function and importance to Aspen become clear.

Housing a variety of local community health-related services, including a top-rate Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Institute, gym facility, and the local office of All Valley Women’s Care, offering donation-based Saturday Community Yoga classes, and, most recently, extending its physical therapy services to include an in-town clinic location at 100 East Main Street, the Aspen Club not only employs many locals but also reveals its commitment to being an integral, vital and vibrant part of our extended community.

By supporting the Aspen Club Living project, we not only support a cause that supports all of us, but also expand upon a valuable community asset and help keep its vision sustainable.

Cathy Zimmer