An endorsement for 4A |

An endorsement for 4A

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Robert Schultz, for your thoughtful letter to the editor regarding 4A. But I must disagree with your argument that we should just get on the bus and support the other community rec centers.

The thing about living in the midvalley is that we have very few amenities here for our youth. And because of that, we spend too much time on Killer 82 driving them back and forth to ice rinks upvalley, climbing walls downvalley, swimming pools, etc.

Crown Mountain Park, with its tennis courts and ball parks, is a great start to keep our kids in our own community. Let’s not just be a bedroom community; let’s make the midvalley home.

One of the ways to make it home is to keep our money here, our business here, and our kids here. Kids get bored easily. Usually that means they drive – on Killer 82 – to a friend’s home to party and drive back home on – you guessed it, Killer 82.

If we had a recreation center here in the midvalley, our kids, as well as adults, would have the opportunity to enjoy a host of activities within minutes of our homes. We would have a skate park, an amphitheater (local theatre companies, local dance troupes, comedy, etc.) and nature walks, in addition to the traditional recreation center.

However, everything costs money (I hate it as much as you!). To complete this fine vision for our midvalley, ballot 4A asks us to cough up a mere $14.50 per $500,000 of home value for only one year in order to make the dream become concrete reality.

That, again, is $14.50 per $500,000 of home value for just one year.

Uhmm, how many of us spend more than that on Starbucks in one or two days?

Let’s then keep this in perspective: Instead of spending money on Starbucks or two tickets to a matinee (and it would have to be on $6 Tuesdays at that), let’s invest in our future, in the vitality of our kids, in fitness and community.

Vote yes on 4A!

Annie Uyehara

Blue Lake

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