An elegant Entrance solution |

An elegant Entrance solution

Dear Editor:The anti-mass-transit, bring-on-the-hordes-to-Aspen-on-four-lanes-of-highway groups are obviously desperate with all their TV ads. Where does all their money come from, anyway? Now there is a new proposal to let the county voters dictate to Aspen residents what is good for them. How would the county like it if Aspen voters could pass laws to affect development in the county? I don’t think they would like it at all.What people still don’t get is that it is not about the entrance per se; but about creating an elegant solution that truly makes Aspen and its surrounding areas wonderful places to live. Andy Stone in his recent column in the Aspen Times has it right [“OK. Enough. Shut it down!” April 12]. We should stop all traffic into Aspen at the airport, or Buttermilk, or, I might even suggest, the Highway 82 Brush Creek intersection. A light rail, a monorail, or in the short term, a bus system could bring people into town. As Andy suggested, only Aspen residents would be able to park in town, with the exception of construction vehicles that would pay a high tariff to enter the city.Where the “four-laners” are right, is that a solution to Aspen’s transportation problem lies in the county. There should be a countywide group, made up of representatives of the city, county, and the Aspen Skiing Co. charged with a solution. Since the eventual solution will include mass transit into town, as well as a provision for auto traffic, the bus lanes from Buttermilk to the roundabout should be built and I encourage the Aspen voters to approve this.Imagine, if you will, a major development at Buttermilk with trains into Aspen and gondolas to Aspen Highlands Mall and Snowmass’ new mall. Buttermilk, the airport and the ABC form together the mass needed to build transit, stores, shops, hotels, restaurants, and activities that would draw people.Give Aspen what Aspen wants, an elegant solution to the entrance of the city that promotes Aspen as a wonderful place to live and is not focused on bringing more auto traffic into the city. Connect the ski areas and promote the European-style village-to-village ski experience. Vail should be the only place with a highway running through it.Robert PewWoody Creek

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