An elected position is not a birthright |

An elected position is not a birthright

Dear Editor:

I am stunned at the comments of Patti Clapper after her husband, Tommy, lost the commissioner’s race to another candidate. There were five qualified, devoted candidates in this race, not just one; running for office is not a job guarantee.

Being elected is a privilege and a commitment. And losing is not judgment from residents as to one’s worth, dedication or ability. There were five qualified candidates, and while two deserve our congratulations, the others deserve the same for putting themselves out there, working hard to become known, and for being willing, if elected, to take over this extremely difficult position.

To have the support of Aspen’s residents behind you when things are tough is a tribute to the people in this town and our generous community. For Patti to turn on those who contributed emotionally, physically and financially during Tommy’s illness and recuperation by making such a comment is uncalled-for. If Patti, who has worked for this county for three terms on behalf of the people, feels that, without a job as a commissioner, this town is not worth living in, the right decision was made in this election. Supporting a candidate for an elected position has nothing to do with supporting a longtime local with a critical health issue. The race was close, and all candidates should be proud of the support they received, including Tommy.

I hope that taking a bit of time off after a disappointing loss helps them to see that this town is special. They, of all people, should be grateful for the generous spirit of our town, and perhaps a trip to California will open their eyes to what a wonderful place this town of ours is – whether you win an election or not.

Marilyn Foss


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