An educational hearth plan |

An educational hearth plan

Dear Editor:

I can’t help thinking about the educational possibilities the Aspen mall hearth might present. Imagine a solar-warmed, triple-glazed room that takes advantage of the 42-degree ground temperature to cool in the summer and warm in the winter with log mass to collect and insulate. It will show how comfortably one can be warmed by the sun and the Earth. Give it an airlock entry and curtains to open at sunup and close at sundown.

Demonstrate the grace and effectiveness of solar orientation. Illuminate it with simple photovoltaics, battery and florescence. An LED-LCD can screen an infotainment loop touting the joys of living close enough to work to walk, of biking to the store, busing to the slopes. Teach wise life decisions where happiness and a clean environment equate to healthier, smarter communities. There is probably a suitable design on the top shelf of every architectural office in town.

It will show families how to build solar and live wise. Southern curtains open in the morning, close in the evening. Canary that!

John Hoffmann


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