An Aspen blowhard |

An Aspen blowhard

Dear Editor:

Who is this Etna Tauscher? I have lived in the city of Aspen for 45 years and I don’t recall ever hearing her name. How is she qualified to judge Bob Braudis or Joe DiSalvo? I see her phone is listed to 107 Park Ave.

Does this Ms. Tauscher have a job? Does she rely on her job for her personal living expenses? To me it seems as though she is a loud mouth come lately, do-as-I-tell-you controller who drives a Range Rover with a little white dog on her lap hanging out of the window while she is flapping on the cell phone. Get a grip, lady. If you don’t like the voice of the majority, move to Cuba. Or there is always Glenwood Springs with the nazi Garfield County Sheriff who needs a quarter million dollar “assault vehicle” to handle all of those dangerous dope smokers down there.

Ms. Tauscher, run that BS of yours back into the hangar.

James A. Wingers


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