An armchair flamethrower |

An armchair flamethrower

Dear Editor:”Evil.” “whole rotting lot,” “as evil as the devil,” “gang of neocon thugs,” “bloodthirsty goons,” “pigs,” “weak-kneed chicken hawks,” “neocon nincompoops,” “bastards,” “George Bush and his ass-kissing tribe of wing-nut Christian war criminals.”This is a list of descriptive terms used by Patrick Hasburgh to describe President Bush and members of his administration in a letter to the editor dated Tuesday, Aug. 23.Mr. Hasburgh’s letter gives me great pride in our nation to know that even armchair flamethrowers are protected from their own stupidity by our president and current administration who have chosen to act on the terrorism threat, rather than just talk about it.If President Clinton had acted like a true leader, rather than a horny adolescent date-rapist, his administration would have handed over more than just “stacks of terrorist intelligence,” as Mr. Hasburgh points out, and 9/11 might never have happened.Pete LourasAspen

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