An apology from Nathan Morse |

An apology from Nathan Morse

Nathan Morse, who is in the Eagle County Jail on charges related to recent crimes in Aspen, sent this letter through his attorney to local newspapers. It was addressed to the Community of Aspen.


I have asked my attorney to deliver this letter, written as a “letter to the editor,” in the hope that it will be printed as it is written, instead of having someone change it, and my thoughts distorted.

First I want to apologize to my parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances for the embarrassment that my conduct has caused them. By behaving stupidly, I have let down those who believed in me, trusted me and cared for me.

Some comments I may have made and those made by others thinking they know how I feel, could leave the impression that I was or am angry with or somehow blame my parents or other members of my community for my predicament. This is untrue. I know that all of my family, my mother, father and sister love me and I love them!

I have grown up in Aspen. I love my community. I know that some people are more fortunate than I am, and some are less fortunate. The relative wealth of the people in my community had nothing to do with my poor behavior. I can blame no one but myself for what I did.

My conduct will be dealt with by our courts, and whatever happens, I personally accept full responsibility for my actions. No one but me made my choices, and no one but me will have to pay the consequences for them.

Finally, for anyone of my acquaintances who is still at large and running away, I want to urge them to turn themselves in to the authorities.

Thank you for hearing my true thoughts.

Nathan Morse

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