An answer to teen drinking |

An answer to teen drinking

Dear Editor:I am a student at Basalt High School in the Fundamentals of American Democracy course. We have been working on an assignment called Project Citizen for the past six weeks in this course. Project Citizen is where the students pick a problem, research it, come up with an improved plan of action and then present it to the policy-makers.The issue my group chose to tackle was teen drinking. We carefully researched the problem and alternative policies. Next, we proposed our own idea, which is a teen recreation and alcohol-deterrence center. Our hope is that we can put the center in a building that already exists. It would be complete with pool tables, pingpong tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, arcade games, a dance floor, etc. Most of all it would provide guidance for substance abuse and teenage drinking. Other towns that have implemented things similar to this have found that they really work, and deter drinking among youth.My group will be presenting the final draft of our project on March 22, at the Basalt Town Council meeting. If you support the policy mentioned above, please attend.Emily Taets, juniorBasalt High School

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