An amazing night |

An amazing night

Dear Editor:Thank you to everyone who had a part to play in what might have been one of the most amazing two-hour events in this town – ever.About 300 locals came to a free event at the Wheeler to celebrate, discuss and get inspired about mountain sustainability.”Live, Love, Eat Mountain” happened because of many people. First, because of Karinjo DeVore of the Aspen International Mountain Forum and Sally Spaulding of the city of Aspen. They were instrumental in making this event free to the public and worked tirelessly to help bring a mammoth project to life. Everyone at the Wheeler, from Heather and her team to Brad, Gordon and the impeccable tech crew made the process, planning and experience a rare joy. Mayor Mick’s enthusiasm for the event and its intent was palpable and happily infectious. Chris Davenport happily worked his MC duties into his hellacious personal schedule and kept the evening delightful, breezy and entertaining for all. Martin Oswald and his Pyramid Bistro’s fare were the hit of the pre-event reception. This vegetarian is happy to find this new jewel of a restaurant in town. Pete McBride’s epic imagery was on full display and it was my honor to create music to let his photos take flight. Nick Devore, once again, realized how influential he can be and his message of balance between his sport and the earth gave many a reason to pause and reflect. Futuristic Films showed their fine film of Nick’s vision with style and quality. The Sustainability Roundtable was for me, the key element of the night, perfectly balanced with CORE’s CEO Nathan Ratledge leading the discussions with skill and expertise. Randy Udall brought his calm, meditative demeanor to express his powerful energy activism. Lauren McDonell of the city’s Canary Initiative genially kept the focus on what we can do right here at home. Casey Sheahan of Patagonia gently demonstrated what a larger corporation can do by being sensitive to the entire chain of life. Jerome Ostenkowski was perhaps the hero of all, with his never-ending story of simply getting on with it-growing food, growing knowledge and pushing hard against the powers that say “no.”Thanks to the many sponsors who provided amazing giveaways (no mere T-shirts and key chains here): Marmot, Aspen Club and Spa, Black Diamond, Patagonia, PolarTec, and Backbone Media.Thanks also to Boyd for the beautiful drum rack, and to Lorraine for the loving support and most of all, for being you.But for me, the real success of Live, Love, Eat Mountain will only come when home and community vegetable gardens are as ubiquitous in our town as ski racks, when we unplug what we don’t need, when we insulate better, when we turn flat roofs into green roofs and stop driving so much.Thank you, Aspen.Paul MacFarlaneAspen

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