An alternative to hydro |

An alternative to hydro

Dear Editor:

I’ve read, with great interest, the debate and election for the Castle Creek hydro project. As a proponent of common sense when it comes to renewable energy and the utilization of natural resources, what I believe was missing was real discussion about other new forms of cost-effective clean energy that could be utilized by Aspen utilities.

Now the public has spoken, and yet it appears that the need still exists. So why not use the existing infrastructure of your and your neighbor’s electrical poles and attach a flexible thin film solar with reactive power having a return on investment in less than a year, instead of a 22-year return on investment for the Castle Creek project? This platform technology exists, but the lack of foresight, understanding and knowledge is what stands between the city of Aspen and the 51.38 percent of the voters.

Let us know when your ready to open the eyes!

Dan Enright

Glenwood Springs

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