An admission of failure |

An admission of failure

Dear Editor:At the end of World War II, many Japanese committed suicide know as “hari-kari” because they failed their nation. This was an honorable suicide by military and government members. Many Germans, particularly those in the Nazi party, put a Luger to their head as they failed the German people.Bush and Cheney have failed the American people with their fraudulent and despicable war riddle with lies. Is impeachment or resignation too good for the president and vice president? Should they commit the “ultimate” admission of failure and join the 3,500 young people they put to death? For Bush, it would be expected because he answers to a “higher faith.”Then this war, which could go on for 100 years, could be ended by a new president, Nancy Pelosi. Praise the lord!Richard C. GoodwinSnowmass Village

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